Hotel Solar de Mós, Interior


Interior - Hotel Algarve

This is the place where you will be received. Here, you will have your first contact with our friendly staff, which will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We have a meal room, with cared rustic decoration, where breakfast and dinner is served, and “à la carte”.
We highlight from our menu the fried shrimp with garlic, "Cataplana" and Monkfish Rice, among many other dishes typical of the region.

The hotel has also a bar "BAR A MÓ"- A nice place for a drink. In between a joyful and relaxed conversation, take the opportunity to ask for a "Medronho", of private production.

We share spaces and conversations. However, if you prefer, there is always a corner that allows solitude for a moment reading or relaxing.

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