Hotel Solar de Mós, Lagos



With a privileged location over the Atlantic sea, a coastline of unique beauty, with beaches located between cliffs and trees, of stupendous clippings and crystal clear waters. Reasons for the strong demand, and much appreciated stay.

One of the most pleasant and beautiful places in the Algarve for its coastline with large rocks and caves, but also for its historic centre, which offers retreats and recollections of faraway times.

The magnificent natural conditions of the county, soon made it populated by Arabs and Romans, who left a legacy with good traces of their presence. Since its original name, Lacobriga, until Zawiya, the name given at the time of Arab occupation, it created a very rich history.

At the time of the 1755 earthquake, the city was almost entirely destroyed, however, currently only a few monuments prior to this tragic event remain, such as the City Walls and the Ponte da Badeira Fort.

The visitor has a diversified range of maritime beauty to enjoy in the region, and may, for example, rent boats or equipment for nautical sports.
The local cuisine is rich in fish dishes and sweets. The "cataplana", for example, and the famous D. Rodrigo, constitute a delight for all palates.

The Sweet Art Fair of Lagos, held during the month of July, is a sample of the most famous sweets in the Algarve and Lagos municipality.
The tinwork items are also known among the craftswork of this region.
During the summer the city has a lively nightlife, with constant movement in the streets, bars and nightclubs.